Ending Perpetual Punishment





January 2019


Danny Jones
Shannon Sullivan


Ending Perpetual Punishment is a national convening of criminal legal system reform experts, those currently serving long sentences and those now home planned for Detroit in July 2019. The Groundswell Alliance is providing planning support and onsite facilitation services from an inclusion and values foundation. Shannon Sullivan is proud to serve as a co-facilitator alongside Danny Jones. Danny was sentenced to life as a juvenile and was recently re-sentenced under the supreme court ruling that these sentences are illegal. Shannon and Danny first met when Shannon was volunteering where he was serving his time. They became in-prison co-facilitators on a parole readiness and personal accountability curriculum. Danny wrote the facilitator’s guide for the curriculum and then trained additional in-person facilitators. They are so excited to be facilitating their first convening on the outside.


What we’re working on:



A facilitation framework based on inclusion, healing and amplifying the voices of those most impacted by long sentences.


Partnering with those still inside serving long sentences to ensure their wisdom and knowledge guide the work of those able to attend the convening.


Lifting up the ability and gifts of those who have served long sentences.